Ashford Farm – Office Building

Ashford Farm started gaining international attention which created the need to construct a capstone to welcome this international public. The building offers a unique architectural experience, conveying the international and prestigious character that corresponds to the brand. Strategically inserted between the indoor and outdoor arena, a transparent volume, placed on a rough natural stone plinth, offers a unique visual relationship with the business done here. The ground floor offers a richness of spaces that far exceeded the initial ambitions. The wooden structure provides rhythm under which a complex space unfolds. The entrance is accompanied by two cylindrical volumes clad in cowhide that house the logistical functions. The in-between space position complete the other necessary functions. A large lounge area, which feels both homey and businesslike, connects everything together. The floor is friendly to the sand that falls from the riders’ boots and glistens at sunrise along with the minerals present in the natural stone. The dark stained wood outer shell contrasts with the blond wood on the inside that seems to emanate a warm glow. This all contributes to a true equestrian experience.


Iglesias Architects / ILB architecten; Elizabet Iglesias

Ashford Farm

Year of completion

Bocholt, Belgium

Total area
438 m2

Site area
109.000 m2

Phillipe van Gelooven, Studio PSG, Ben Kwanten

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Architect building design: E. Iglesias & G. Vannijlen; Architect interior design: E. Iglesias & J. Ottenburgs; Architect realisation: ILB architecten; Structural engineer: BDA Engineering; Executive Coordinator: Marc Symons; Timber frame manufacturer: Dupac; Concrete work: Clauwers Betonwerken; Timber frame construction: Bart Reumers dakconstructies; Interior finishing: Baens Afwerkingsbedrijf; Steel interior and exterior carpentry: Moors NV; Floorisolation: Ludiso Bvba; Natural stone flooring: Group Thys; Wooden flooring: Parketvloeren Vanvinckenroye; Fixed furniture: Wood You; HVAC: Aendekerk; Electricity: Nouwen elektriciteitswerken; Security: Secures België; Fireplace: Daniëls Haarden Kachels; Furniture: Woontheater; Furniture: Master Meubel; Furniture: Dome Deco; Furniture: Loods 5; Furniture: Demo Keuken en Interieur; Garden design and construction: Puur Groenprojecten;

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