Artknit Studios Milan flagship store

Slow living, warmness, high quality, wellness, domestic, digital: these are the keywords that led the development of the concept for the Artknit Studios flagship stores. Few custom-made elements for an understated, minimalist layout, as are the garments of the Artknit Studios collection: a neutral box on a wool fiber rug in natural tones (Besana), enriched by the oak wood of the panels that hide the storage compartments (and of which the drawers and perimeter shelves are also made), by the Artknit Studios organic fabric closing off the dressing rooms, and by a metal mesh structure, with laminate and mirror storage cabinets, that becomes the core element of the space.

In the Milan store at Piazza Virgilio, a pre-existing suspended wooden lattice, that covers the entire surface of the store, then painted like the walls, becomes an element of support and mitigation for the DeltaLight lighting system (as well as air conditioning). Around the central, removable, island, whose materials are also declined in the storage shelves that support the clothes hanging rail, a precise circular and immersive path develops to accompany the customer in the world and principles of the brand. The Artknit Studios Milan location becomes this way also a place for meeting and exchanging values. A place that can be transformed from a store to an exhibition space, to a venue, for events aimed at hosting the large Artknit community.



Artknit Studios

Year of completion

Milano, Italy

Total area
50 m2

Federico Torra

Project Partners

Delta Light, Besana Carpet

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