Apa Nova Front Office Interior Design, Bucharest

Apa Nova’s (Bucharest water supplier) new front-office design floats between playful and sober, innovation and nature, technology and tradition. The organic and fluid forms of the reception area are counter-balanced by the rectangular cutouts of the consultants’ boxes, finished with natural wood veneer. They mediate interior and exterior on the glass façade, as a form of opening to the public.

A red faucet over a layered sink cut into the reception desk gives the clients water to drink. This reinforce the idea that the water Apa Nova gives to the city is crystal clear and ready to drink The central cylindrical LED display is an interactive installation that re-acts to the users’ movement in space, thus reminding us- by playing- through technology, of the vital role water has in our lives.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
This new interface with the clients completely changed the perception that people had on the company- as being old and outdated. The central cylindrical led column that interacts with the people is the main attraction of the space.


Arhilab; Serban Antoniu, Adela Antoniu, Cecilia Anghel

Apa Nova

Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
190 m2

Andrei Margulescu

Project Partners

Damina Solutions, Techo Romania, Duros Holding Industry, Geplast Romania

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