Aleksandra Zečević Malović

Chief and responsible editor of Prostor magazine

Aleksandra Zečević Malović is the chief and responsible editor at the magazine “Prostor” from Montenegro. After completing her high school at a mathematical gymnasium, she enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica in 2002, as part of the first generation of architecture students at the University of Montenegro. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2008, after which she continued with her master’s studies at the same faculty.
Her great love for magazines, books, and printed editions in general led her to start working at the magazine “Prostor” in 2007. From a position on the editorial board, she advanced to the position of chief and responsible editor.
The magazine “Prostor” has been in existence for 17 years and deals with the promotion of the architectural scene in Montenegro as well as quality practices in Balkan countries. The magazine’s goal is to promote architecture, educate non-professionals about the quality treatment of space, and to promote new technologies and building methods. Under Aleksandra’s leadership, “Prostor” remains a relevant and inspirational source of information for professionals and architecture enthusiasts, promoting young talents and supporting critical dialogue within the architectural community, contributing to the development and promotion of architectural practice in the region.
With the advent of social media, Aleksandra Zečević Malović has directed the magazine “Prostor” towards this type of promotion, where she works on presenting architecture and the significance of the profession through social media and the online edition of the magazine. Realizing the importance of a digital presence, Aleksandra actively uses platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to spread content, engage readers, and establish more direct communication with target audiences. The online edition of “Prostor” facilitates easier access to articles, projects, and case studies, further educating the public about the importance of architecture in contemporary society. This strategy has not only expanded the reach of the magazine but also enhanced interaction with readers, providing them with the opportunity to comment and discuss topics covered by the magazine in real-time.

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