A collection of sports products with an original indigo-dyed flax surface

The aesthetic material we created is at the same time a technical fiber. It enables a wide range of applications, which we use in full – from surface material in skis, snowboards, and longboards, to the recovery of “waste” textiles from test prints in other applications such as scarves. Flax fiber is now considered one of the latest environmentally friendly high-tech materials in the field of composite engineering. It’s natural & ecological, characterized by strength and dampening properties. It’s a unique, contemporary design and technological solution connected with technic that has been domesticated in Central Europe for centuries. When we make it, we follow procedures protected by UNESCO . Traditional indigo-dyed print is a folk technic that meant for many people the opportunity to dress tastefully. The shape of the skis is also made for many, for slopes and ski touring, suitable for beginners & advanced skiers.


Forest Skis

Product design
Viktor Devečka

Graphic design
Bronislava Brtáňová

Silberman, s.r.o.

Matej Rabada, Veronika Rabadová, Ondrej Jób

Year of production

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