1+1+1+=1 The school, Innsbrück

Face lifting and harmony! The Kettenbrücke school in Innsbruck Austria built in 1938, in its 80 years, went through 7 construction additions and changes. Creating a hotchpotch of different styles and heights, the desire was to give the building a modern look as well as creating a more harmonious appearance. The application of a translucent Rodeca polycarbonate envelope which functions as a rainscreen as well as in some areas the façade, thus giving the exterior of the building a homogeneous and contemporary envelope. Creating a stimulating light filled environment for the youngsters to grow and learn. The contrast between the “static” raw concrete, traditional construction and a modern Rodeca translucent polycarbonate skin creates a contemporary and elegant centerpiece in the Kettenbrücke district of Innsbruck.


Studio Lois

Year of completion

Innsbrück, Austria

Total area
1.000 m2

David Schreyer

Project Partners

Rodeca GmbH

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