Foto: Marija Piroski

Jožica Brodarič, the award curator:

Mrs Maja Lalić (born Vidaković) is a prominent architect from Belgrade who is also a co-founder and a creative director of a multidisciplinary creative platform Mixer. Mr Ivan Lalić is an executive director of the Mixer team and an associate professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, department of dramatic arts, art projects and practice.

The following elements have been united under the Mixer platform umbrella: Mixer festival projects with conference programme as well as music, art and educational programmes; the Mikser House cultural centre; Mixer TV which represents a treasury of video recordings showing artistic projects or heated debates on some topical issues;  Mixer Theatre involving theatrical and concert programme and Miksalište refugee centre.      

Maja Lalić and Ivan Lalić started working together in Belgrade where they organised Mixer festival and opened the Mixer House cultural centre which actively supports the works by Serbian artists and the artists from the wider region. In the middle of the refugee crisis, they managed to open a centre providing assistance to the refugees living in Belgrade. By moving the Mixer House centre to Sarajevo, its activities were extended to the cultural area of Sarajevo. This year they organised the 10th jubilee Mixer festival along with a conference which was this time focused on the subject of a sustainable development and global awareness. The Mixer team projects have attracted much attention not only on the domestic scene, but they have also been triggering the attention of many of the world’s media.        

Their work as well as the work of the entire Mixer team has been carried out among the obstacles of financial self-restraint, political controversy and forced moving of premises which came out as a result of the growing gentrification. Even though they had no understanding or support from the city or state authorities, they still managed to retain their indestructible energy and proletarian enthusiasm that have significantly affected urban space, the spheres of art and society and the notion of understanding future trends by means of a dialogue extending far beyond the borders of a statehood, nationality or politics.

Written by: Ivana Ljubanović