ING Bank Turkey HQ Project, located in Maslak, Istanbul, has been innovatively designed by analysing, exploring and thinking outside the box to reflect fast-faced and dynamic characteristics of ING Bank. This project puts an example of how to make a working place both efficient and joyful.

Mobile open office organization provides alternative working spaces for an alternative working style. By reforming the space, we break the routine of working on the very same chair and same desk. The “personal desks” are long gone and the only thing left for employees is to choose where to work with their laptops.




For the full perception of the space, exposed ceiling is used instead of suspended ceiling. The whole mechanical system has been solved inside the mesh ceiling around the core and Jet nozzle insufflation technology is used for office spaces and meeting rooms.

We use colours; we create ‘feels like home comfort’ siting areas and playfields each differing from flat to flat. In addition, the food court is converted into a very active and flexible space(s), instead of one-hour daily usage, along with social stairs, winter garden, and basketball court.







About the authors

Bakırküre Architects constantly seeks to create spatial solutions for contemporary life in the rapid changing world. Starting with the idea of “good” design enabled by analytical and multidimensional perception, it evaluates each project with its distinctive data. Predicating upon a functional and rational approach, it provides a synthesis of the whole in different scales with a unique design language. Bakırküre Architects has a wide range of praxis, from urban projects to object design. It aspires to overcome complex tasks by means of aesthetic and creative solutions, using state-of-art building technologies and building up professional associations.

Bakırküre Architects believes that qualitative output is possible through intensive dialogue with participants to tender a high-quality spatial experience to the user. Aiming to reanimate the architecture scene with its energy, Bakırküre Architects offers the potential to make design practice multilayered, from concept design to project management.


Authors: BAKIRKURE ARCHITECTS; Gurhan Bakirkure
Project Team: Doruk Soyal, Kader Doğru, Samprie Chatziachmet, Aygun Altun, Süheyla Karageyik Kurt
Photos: Gurkan Akay

Year of completion: 2015-2016
Location: Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey
Total area: 20.000 m2

Text provided by the authors of the project.

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