Touch trays; Studioilse │BIG SEE Awards 2018

|18. 09. 2018| BIG SEE WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018, BIG SEE WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018 - WINNER, Blog, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Design, Small wooden products|

Touch Trays are a part of the Touch collection consisting of benches, trays and other objects. Their special quality lies in the handcarved surfaces that engage our instinctive impulse to feel something, and reflect our hunger for more tactile surrou

Wine Bar Regina; Amir Vuk – ZEC; Ena Hadžić, Dario Bojanić, Igor Tomić │BIG SEE Awards 2018

|18. 09. 2018| BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2018, Blog, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hospitality|

West Herzegovina is a secret that is definitely worthy of discovering. As it is located in the back of Dalmatia it reminds us of Istra and has its potentials. It has pleasant Mediterranean climate, climate that gave birth to all western civilization.

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