Zoltán Erő;

Ybl Prize awarded architect, Chief Architect of Budapest Municipality, Hungary

Born in 1958, studied at the University of Technology of Budapest and at the Centre for the Conservation of Historic Houses and Towns, Leuven (Belgium), Zoltán ERŐ is an architect, urbanist, founder of Palatium Studio Ltd., founding curator of the Centre for Contemporian Architecture. His works include those of preservation of architectural heritage and infrastructure construction, as well. Besides taking part in urban planning and public space development projects, he works for years on the revitalization of historic towns, public spaces and buildings. He worked for the Urban Renewal Porgram and the Development Concept for Budapest around 2000. As a general architect for Budapest Underground Line Metro4, he was the leader of architects, responsible for the arcitectural concept of the line, and was also architect in charge for four stations. As an expert, he worked for the EU on historic heritage issues. He also worked for the heritage programs of the Hungarian National Cultural. Fund He often gives lectures and his publications are known. He works as Chief Architect of Budapest Municipality since 2020.

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