Zeppelin is the main publication in Romania for architecture, design and urban culture, a premium international magazine with 22 years of excellence. Our communication platform consists of two interrelated levels: Zeppelin magazine: a periodical the size and quality of an architecture album and e zeppelin: an online architecture magazine, archive, and news platform

Zeppelin is a bookazine: a complex formula combining the dynamic nature of a magazine (periodicity, clear sections, contemporary subjects) with the character of an architecture book (rich content, in-depth research, large size and page number, high end paper quality and bookbinding). You browse through this publication with a pleasure that no virtual experience can bring. You don’t just read it, but carefully preserve it in your library.

e‑zeppelin, architecture and design platform. There’s a lot of architecture on the web. But how much of it is selected, truly analyzed and brought into context? We built up a content based online publication, focused on original articles on the newest and best architecture and design projects. Our team selects, edits and produces critical texts, but also images and technical information. We also cover events, professional issues (laws and regulations, competitions, Architects’ Chamber), urban culture articles and hot topics. E zeppelin published more than 400 articles and news in a year. Our English website contains a broad selection of articles and news. Our Facebook and Instagram pages have the largest reach in the field in Romania. The site offers a variety of formats and scenarios for promotion, from ads in specific places, to crediting in content articles, advertorials and other forms of embedded content.

Our focal points are: innovation and trend-hunting; new technologies and materials, but also the smart reinvention of old ones; sustainability; restauration, rehabilitation, community architecture. High end and XL operations stand side by side with small scale but smart and refined works. Of all local architecture publications, Zeppelin probably has the most beaufitul photos, is the richest in plans, details and technical information. But Zeppelin is also about total independence, strong critical attitude, in depth analysis and intelligent writing. We like to publish the works and opinions of engineers, real estate specialists, artists and writers. Over the years 10 awards and 9 nominations at national architecture competitions and festivals have been won.

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