Design. Precise craftsmanship. Ergonomics. The three pillars that together make up the products of the Czech family company LD Seating. Collaboration with Czech and Italian designers whose talent champions the brand philosophy. A look that will last for decades. Care dedicated to every single step of the production process, for results that are perfect to the smallest detail. Where the machines can’t make it, the hands of experienced seamstresses and upholsterers do. For almost 30 years.

The nature of the work environment is changing. Where office chairs used to be ubiquitous, now there are armchairs, stools and lounge areas. At LD Seating, they understand the impact of the environment on work performance and ambiance, and have adapted their portfolio accordingly. The company features seating furniture that responds to the needs of specific spaces, with a wide range of variable accessories and upholstery fabrics for customised choices. The result is always a visually convincing solution that will succeed not only at design fairs, but especially with everyday users.

The family tradition and personal responsibility for the brand’s reputation are also reflected in the constant effort to move production processes to the highest possible level. A testament to this is, for example, the co-establishment of the PUR seating company, thanks to which the production of foam padding for bodies and seats doesn’t depend on external suppliers, but takes place directly at the Boskovice hall using state-of-the-art technologies.

In addition to working with prominent Czech and foreign designers, such as Orlandini Design, LD Seating works with a range of Czech architects and interior designers. The seating furniture from the Boskovice family company can be seen in Telefonica in Hungary, MTV in Finland, the Museum of Design in Scotland or at the town hall in Lviv.

To make the choice of individual solutions for each space as simple as possible, LD Seating has showrooms featuring its collections in the company’s Boskovice headquarters as well as in Prague and Bratislava.


LD Seating