Visitor center Žabnik – Sveti Martin na Muri

Visitor center Žabnik is bounded by the old branch of the Mura river on one side, and the main course of the Mura river on the other side. As part of Miller place, there is the only floating river mill on the Mura river. The Mill on the Mura river is a replica that we returned to the Mura river in 2006. Inside the mill is the original one mill mechanism from 1902. Visitors can see how the mill works, in a way that the mill mechanism drives the flow of water that passes through the large wheel located there between two mechanisms. On the miller’s place there is also a labyrinth of love or energy circles, which can be used to take a walk, and fill with positive love or energy. The space itself, where the ethnographic collection is located, is called the Miller’s House, where in on the ground floor, there is a catering area with a small exhibition of what the river Mura looked like in ancient times and with old photos of mills. Traditional food is offered in that catering area, speliaties of Međimurje cuisine, so we can single out meat from tiblica and Međimurje gibanica. On the floor of the miller’s house there is an ethnographic collection on the topic of milling. During the tour of the collection, visitors are given 3D glasses with which they watch a short 3D film.


Author of ethnographic concept and multimedia setup
Rudi Grula, contractor companies: Multimedia Čakovec, Eltel d.o.o., Archimedia d.o.o., Moglo Zagreb, Tomislav Brozović

Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri

Tourist board of Sveti Martin na Muri

Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia

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