Cooling device for quick beverage cooling V-Tex Standalone / Worktop is result of years exploration on a field of efficient beverage cooling. Due to a specific way of rotating drink in cold water it can cool beverage 75 times faster and it saves 70% of energy compared to classic beverage refrigerator. Product is designed for a professional use in bars and restaurants where usual refrigerators do not cope with demands.




Handling with device is intuitive. Drink is inserted into lifting gaskets and submerged in the water. User interface is simple and in a few steps leads the user to the desired temperature. Cooling time depends on size and material of beverage, and can be on average 1 minute for a can, 3 minutes for a PET, 4 minutes for a glass bottle and 5 minutes for a bottle of wine for cooling from room temperature to around 8 degree Celsius. Sophisticated and clean shape with selected materials is intended for premium positioning of appliance.




Authors: Matjaž Zorc, professional associates: Mitja Laharnar, Iztok Vodičar, Gašper Dolenc in Klemen Škorjanc
Client:Enviro-Cool UK Ltd
Country of production:Slovenia
Year of production: 2018