TUCK type

Ergonomic and innovative: TUCK TYPE offers comfort, safety and relax inside the shower corner. The design is comfortable, soft to the touch, a product for everyone. TUCK TYPE is one of the most sophisticated solutions for the shower corner. The use of polyurethane is an essential element of this seat, this soft material covers a solid structure made of steel, granting the maximum safety, with a load capacity up to 150 kg. Polyurethane, is a soft and warm material, safety because it avoids the risk of slip, and to seat on it with the maximum comfort, it is an hygienic material ( it avoids condense or mold ), it resists to high temperature and it is light but at the same time durable. To complete the project, a comfortable backrest allows you to keep a correct posture. The importance of the design: once finished your shower, you can extend the seat along the wall. The fixing system has been updated in 2019 with a new configuration, a lever with an automatic lock system.


Arduini e Frigerio Industrial Design; Gianni Arduini,  Marco Frigerio, Italy

Ever Life Design, Italy

Year of production
2014 with updated version in 2019

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