Transom Chair

Vertical and horizontal elements opposed at sharp angles build an ergonomically and visually solid airy structure, a clear silhouette that frames the space and creates a dynamic graphic matrix in the space. The dynamics of connecting and opposing the elements of the construction is emphasized by the coloristic shift in the performance of more intense tones. The silhouette acquires a new value and significance of influencing the context of space by stepping out of the zone of neutrality and establishing a shift in the interrelationships of colors. “The process of creation begins with the process of research, looking for inspiration in the way the product will respond to modern needs, but also in technology. By placing bentwood elements in very important positions, backrest and armrest, a functionally and visually balanced product is created that uses and emphasizes the potential of available technology.


SMPDO; Simon Morasi Piperčić, Croatia

Spin Valis d.d., Croatia
Metoda, Croatia

Year of production


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