Tourism Trade Show presents top tourism products and destinations from the region of Southeast Europe and the most innovative products and services for tourism industry. It is a perfect opportunity for the professional visitors to experience creative tourist destinations in Southeast Europe to catching up on the latest trends and a great opportunity to familiarize professionals in tourism industry with new products, and advanced solutions for tourism. Is the meeting place for suppliers in tourism, creative tourism providers and agencies.


– Accommodation (hotels, conference & Congress facilities, resorts, rural holidays, wellnes / spa, Youth hostels,
– Gastronomy (restaurants, wineries…)
– Medical tourism
– Adventure travel and Active leisure (hiking, cycling, backpacking, expeditions, camping, canoeing and kayaking, tourism at farms, fishing, hunting, sea kayaking, orientation hiking, sailing, diving, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, bird watching, eco-tourism (in relatively natural areas with meeting nature-protection criteria), sustainable tourism.
rafting, mountain climbing, paragliding, caving, kite surfing, ski touring, trekking, canyoning, downhill mountain biking, hot air ballooning.)
– Congress tourism
– Cultural tourism (cities, museums…)
– Entertainment tourism (festivals, casinos,..)

– Technology and equipment for gastronomy: Food processing machines and equipment, cooling, freezing technology and equipment, kitchen dishes, appliances, scales, Meal distribution, stainless steel equipment coffee makers and accessories, beverage and tapping technology, ice makers washing technology, automatic dispensing and vending machines, equipment and accessories for bartenders, fast food equipment, packages and packing technology, . Ice-cream makers and ingredients for ice-cream making, Machines and equipment for bakeries, Ovens
– Furniture, fixtures and accessories: Furniture and equipment for hotels, restaurants, bars, for conference premises, outdoor furniture, tents, Lighting, Carpets, floor covering materials, Hotel and restaurant textile, Glass, porcelain, cutlery, Decorations, Menus, brochures, printed materials
– Operations equipment and technology: Cleaning agents, waste handling, sanitation, Sanitary equipment and accessories, Work clothing, protective aids, . Laundry facility equipment, Cash registers and cash register systems, safes
– Information and communication technology: booking systems, Internet solutions, Security systems, video-audio equipment
– Food products and beverages: food products, spices and additives – gastronomic packing, organic food, baked products, coffee, wine, beer, water and other drinks
– Professional associations and institutions

– Tourist agencies
– Tour operators
– Incentive tour operators
– Visitor information centres
– Online bookings

Innovative Concept

An original Trade Show plan: the Trade Show provides a new, proactive way of communication among the exhibitors by means of a unique Trade Show plan in the City of Design that takes the visitors through a clear and uniform concept of the stands.

There will be an array of various accompanying, educational and social activities such as lectures, presentations, awards, organised individual meetings, exhibitions, networking etc.

Tourism Match are individual business meetings for networking professionals in tourism, agencies, suppliers, architects, designers with the purpose to efficiently exchange expert opinions and information and to make new business contacts. They enable establishing new business relationships and opportunities.

Big SEE Creative Tourism Trade Show is a curated event for professionals in tourism industry.
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