Tink Things considers sensory processing through different ways children interact with the environment to design fun & supportive furniture. It strives to help create a more dynamic, encouraging and enjoyable surroundings meant for all children. Why should sitting have to be boring?




Sensory intelligence is the foundation of a child development. It entails a whole spectrum of processes that serve as building blocks for growth, development and overall learning. Adequate sensory processing is encouraged by sensory rich environments that are more dynamic and fun, but also work as a food for the brain. They help with emotional regulation and aid concentration & memory skills, as real learning always involves patterns of physical activity.




Design is based solely on product functionality and ecology. After thorough research in the field of sensory integration and setting up a whole new design methodology based on children’s sensory needs – design guidelines ended up pretty specific. Requirements such as non-fixed seating directed the shape of other chair elements. All parts are designed to produce minimal waste and to enable flat pack shipping. Materials are certified and completely recyclable. The chairs are tested to European standards for strength, durability, safety and stability.


Design: Benussi&theFish
Producer: Benussi&theFish
Photos: Marija Gašparović, Miša Obradović
Year of production: 2018