TIMax® GL is a translucent glass fiber insulation material, which enhances the heat insulation (U-value) of U-profiled glass facade systems. It scatters incoming light nicely and fills the space between the double glazing unit completely.

TIMax® GL-PlusF is a translucent glass fiber insulation, with higher density in comparison to the standard material TIMax® GL. It is more compressed in the double glazing unit, because of its greater thickness. This results in an optimum heat insulation (U-value) and improved sun protection (lower g-value).
Due to the effect of scattering light, even deep rooms can be illuminated evenly, without blending and shading.
TIMax® GL is UV-stable, temperature resistant up to 100°C and insensitive against humidity. It is easy to install.
The material is shipped to the construction site ready for assembly.
Tender specifications for download under: www.wacotech.de, products profiled glass



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