Meet Me, a chair made entirely from leftover decking boards, is the product of the decking and parquet specialist Tibaut and the design team Ropot. Vertical slats joined at the seat create a timeless design that is a perfect fit for any terrace. Produced by: Pasarstvo Janez Mazi s.p. and Mizarstvo Rafko Gorjup s.p. Ostali partnerji:
UVA Javornik in Javornik d.n.o.
Ko tkanina zasije v drugačni luči...UVA, tekstil za interier
When the fabric shines like a light...UVA, textiles fort the interior www.uva.si MALCO d.o.o. One Inch Wall so multifunkcijski stenski paneli iz masivnega lesa, ki v prostor vnašajo dovršeno dekorativnost in v njem zmanjšujejo odmev. One Inch Wall - multifunctional solid wood panels that add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your space while reducing echo.

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Presentation partners

Luka Novak

A gorgeous selection of small bites by chef Luka Novak and his OCTUS culinary centre shows what happens when love for cooking meets mastery.


Jure Sodja Events

Jure Sodja Events offers a wide range of first-class musicians, DJs, animators, moderators, technicians and gear to help you create high-quality events. juresodja.events


The RPS team has turned the exhibition space into a unique interior by codesigning and making its frames, walls, graphics and custom-made lighting.