Thessaloniki Innovation Zone’s Business pre-incubator spaces

The creation of the pre-incubator spaces of Thessaloniki Innovation Zone, is a project that aspires to receive a warm welcome from the entire community of young entrepreneurs and start-up companies in the city. The goal was to create co-operative pre-incubator spaces for start-ups. These spaces provide a unique experience at the level of collaboration. Alternative ways of exploiting space were also sought to create a variety of micro work-environments, highlighting innovatively the importance of design in the way new start-up teams operate. All workspaces offer users maximum flexibility, meet with prospective clients or investors live, or ensuring connection remotely with companies. Special design emphasis was applied on lighting where, the lighting modification contributed decisively to shaping the experience of the spaces. All lighting was replaced with LED, drastically reducing the building’s energy consumption by at least 80%. An important element of the design that was applied to all spaces, is the use of specially designed graphics on walls surfaces by AR augmented reality technologies.


KARD architects

Thessaloniki Innovation Zone

Year of completion

Thessaloniki, Greece

Total area
400 m2

NV Studio; Nikos Vabdinoudis

Project Partners

Becode constructions, Iatroy Furnishing, Galatas Furnishing

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