“The dream of the architect”

A hungarian architect living in a small, non-personal rented apartment in Switzerland imagined and designed a set of three massive furnitures for his own, essential needs. His table needed to be the compact, multifunctional center of everyday life: a place for eating, chaBng with friends or working. It is narrow and long (80x240cm) and similarly to the architecture of buildings, its monolithic top holds hidden spaces due to its hollow structure. They serve well to keep the surface clean from spontaneous disorder of smaller objects, while the spacious wooden plaMorm can stay free for flexible use.
The sideboard and the book-shelves (library) were conceived through similar logic. Due to their common materials (combination of massive nut- and cherry woods, light hairpin-legs) and their proportional interrelations they became a strong set with presence and character.


Márton Hakkel, Hungary

Barlang Műhely KT., Hungary

Year of production

Mihály Radványi, Márton Hakkel

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