Tanja Pak

When I dream. Sometimes, I try to catch a moment, sink into a feeling, or just catch my breath before it slips away. For a moment, I stay in the space of the in-between, where everything is possible, where I merge into the world beyond the closed eyelids, and I swim. Glass sculptures of larger dimensions in a spacious multimedia setting in the ambience of haute couture.


Wolfova ulica 5, Google map

Partnerji predstavitve

Klet Brda

Klet Brda winery presents an elegant and refreshing Rosé sparkling wine in its new form. It will be accompanied by the bites with which the coming autumn fills Tanja Pak’s glassware. Klet Brda is the largest producer and exporter of wines in Slovenia. When you taste their wines, you are in the company of wine lovers from as many as 26 countries who know how to recognise the quality, variety and accessibility of the Klet Brda brand. Viticulture has always been a way of life in Brda, and thus, the story of Kleti Brda is co-created by as many as 400 winegrowing families.