Tangens furniture system

TANGENS is an office furniture system born out of today’s circumstances and rapidly changing work environments. Our goal is to combine the comfort of a home office with the modularity required for the contemporary agile workspace with a sustainable approach. The Tangens was born from and inspired by the desire of focusing on the value of human relationships in today’s changed circumstances. The metaphor of embracing also appears on the objects themselves. The curved tubular frame – which wraps around the delicate materials – shows a respect for tradition, recalling the graphic Bauhaus world. The use of sustainable materials shows reverence for the future, a homage to the power of nature. Quality, durability, sustainability and long-term design were key factors during manufacturing, while the ability to be disassembled to parts was important during design for facilitating future repairs. The ease of variability of the elements makes Tangens the ideal equipment for an agile workspace.


sarakele studio, Hungary

Rotte Kft., Hungary

Year of production

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