Stanovanjsko naselje Pod Pekrsko gorco

To many of us, residential neighborhoods evoke memories of playful times in our youth. However, for a neighborhood to foster such memories, it requires a thoughtful combination of public, semi-public, and private spaces, accommodating various generations and profiles of people. The neighborhood’s central theme revolves around the concept of an integrated, multi-layered town. The building volumes boast understated designs, serving as the backdrop for diverse green atria. Motorized traffic is limited to create a safe, high-quality green environment surrounding homes.

The interconnected atria are dedicated to various themes, offering diverse views of life unfolding between buildings and the surrounding natural scenery. This amalgamation of discreet yet tactilely and decoratively diverse facades creates a picturesque effect, complemented by the ever-changing nature of the surroundings.


Jereb in Budja arhitekti d.o.o.; Rok Jereb, Blaž Budja, Miha Dobrin, Maruša Trnovec, Manica Lavrenčič, Petra Stojsavljević, Nina Majoranc, Anja Šuštar, Sara Zorzut

Stanovanjski sklad RS, javni sklad

Year of completion

Maribor, Slovenia

Total area
59.100 m2

Site area
45.873 m2

Blaž Budja, Miran Kambič

Project Partners

Arhitekti Dobrin, Kostak GIP

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