Casa Casuarina was built in 1930 by Alden Freeman and purchased by Gianni Versace in 1992, who converted it into a Mediterranean revival style 8 bedrooms mansion.
Lush gardens, stuccoes walls with arched windows, mosaics and fountains are among the features that looked back at Italian and Spanish Renaissance architectures.
Restaurateur Barton G. Weiss later renovated the property and turned it into a boutique hotel, a restaurant named Gianni’s and a luxury venue.

The restaurateur had wanted to add outdoor seating but was constrained by the buildings historical status and protecting the architectural and artistic integrity of the iconic Versace Medusa logo mosaic. The idea was to create a year-round outdoor dining experience unlike anything Miami has ever seen.

The Isola 2 pergola was chosen for its modern design and functionality. The choice of integrated LED lighting helps create a more intimate atmosphere for dining. The white frame color of the Isola 2 was chosen to help accent the beautiful Medusa mosaic.

Italian design and quality can be felt throughout the entire space and allows patrons to enjoy the stars at night by the pool when the unit is retracted or be protected from Miami’s frequent rains when the unit is deployed. After the installation of the four Isola 2 retractable pergolas the restaurant gained seating for 100 people.


The owner of Gianni’s wanted to add outdoor seating but was constrained by the building’s historical status.


Gennius Isola 2 pergola was chosen to create a year-round outdoor dining experience.


Guests are sheltered under the Isola 2 pergola awning even in case of poor weather.


Isola 2 stands out for its minimal lines and low-arched roof that guarantees minimum overall dimensions.


Technical features:
GENNIUS Isola 2 – pergola awning with aluminum structure, wall-mount or freestanding versions available
All-around border height: max height 12’
Maximum dimensions single module: 18’ wide x 23’ projection
Maximum dimensions double module: 18’ wide x 29’6” projection
4 Freestanding system dimensions: single module 18’ wide x 23’ projection, double module 18’ wide x 29’9” projection
Dimmable set of LED lights integrated into the perimeter
Stainless steel hardware screws
Fabric carrying crossbar profiles curved to create a small pitch

Project name: Casa Casuarina
KE Dealer: Atlantic Awnings, 1116 Ocean Beach Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139
Location: Miami, Florida
Project by: KE dealer Atlantic Awnings and KE Technical Dept.
Client: private
Covered area: 1895 sq. ft.
Installed product: 4 Gennius Isola 2 20-foot high steel structure built and installed 4- 18’ x 29’9” Isola 2 Units placed poolside allowing poolside fine dining in any weather