Slovenia Eco Resort, Kamnik

Slovenia Eco Resort is a new type of a tourist eco-village oriented towards the sustainable development of tourism combining natural surroundings and local tradition. The main concept of the project was to blend modern tourist hedonism trends and service with the traditional heritage of the local area. The guests are accommodated in wooden cottages and glamping huts. These are made completely of natural wood, presenting a unique type of herdsmen housing seen only on the nearby Velika Planina mountain. At the same time, they are fully-furnished and modernly equipped. All other facilities also reflect the traditional ambiance of the local area – restaurant, chapel, view tower, sauna – where the visitors can enjoy the local cuisine by tasting national dishes, take a stroll by the Kamniška Bistrica river or simply relax in nature.


Authors of the story/idea
Mr Matjaž Zorman

Mr Matjaž Zorman


Year of completion

Kamnik, Slovenia

Dalibor Doberšek

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