Showroom PIATRAONLINE, Bucharest

This is industrial interior design project with warm touches. We have a creative office layout: ground floor – as a showroom and first floor – as a customer-oriented office area. The design showcases the companys products, inspire customers and prove exactly what a space can look like.
Technology an art coexists harmoniously. Upstairs, a meeting area has been set up for business partners and a natural stone training area reserved for both partners and customers. The displaysconcept allows reusing at any time, for as long as possible.
To emphasize sustainability and a high degree of utility, the layout could be refreshed whenever necessary. Also, the furniture can be reused at any time. Those panels replicate genuine cladding and installation pattern. The benefits of this approach are versatility and dynamism.


PickTwo Studio; Sebastian Mindroiu & Radu Cali


Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

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