School Campus Rohrbach-Berg

The Rohrbach-Berg School Campus stands as a testament to innovative architectural integration, seamlessly blending modern design with historical context. At its heart lies the primary school, a cubic structure nestled between the existing secondary school and the cherished heritage-listed all-day school.

This architectural composition embodies a harmonious interplay, creating a visual dialogue that honors both contemporary vision and historical significance, while also defining differently programmed outdoor spaces. A paved forecourt leads from Linzer Straße to the sheltered main entrance. Passing the cloakroom to the right and the information desk to the left, the hall leads directly to the center – the “HEART OF THE SCHOOL”. Here, the dining area, library, and an area for lectures and exhibitions are centrally located, forming the MAGISTRALE, the connecting main route between all three schools. Terraces in front interact between interior and exterior spaces. The schools are organized as cluster schools, with open and flowing spaces arranged around market squares, allowing the implementation of modern teaching methods even in small groups.


Gerald Anton Steiner Architekten ZT GmbH

Stadtgemeinde Rohrbach-Berg

Year of completion

Stadtgemeinde Rohrbach-Berg, Austria

Total area
2.160 m2

Site area
11.102 m2

Kurt Kuball Architekturfotografie

Project Partners

General contractor: OÖ WOHNBAU – Gesellschaft für den Wohnungsbau gemeinnützige GmbH, Linz; Michael Seiringer

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