Sasso Nero Mountain Hut, San Giovanni

The new Sasso Nero mountain hut is placed in a slight and natural depression of the mountain at 3,026 m above sea level. The architectural footprint in the landscape is very small, as the hut touches the ground below only along narrow strip foundations that are anchored in the rock. Stifter + Bachmann stacked the schedule of accommodation in six levels that bend slightly at the top and the bottom. Cooking and eating are at the ground floor level, the drying and services rooms are on the first and second lower levels, while the sleeping accommodation is on the three upper storeys. The sloping façades are entirely clad in copper sheets and seem to be shaped by the glacier, the wind and other climatic conditions. In the interior the new mountain hut resembles a large piece of furniture that can be lived in. From the restaurant at the ground floor with a ribbon window that runs the entire way around the dining the guests can enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. In contact with the solid rock the two basement levels were realized with prefabricated concrete elements whilst the structure of the upper floors, the furniture and the wall-facings inside are made of local wood.


Stifter + Bachmann; Helmut Stifter, Angelika Bachmann

Structural consultant
Stefano Brunetti

Building services, security planning and fire protection planning
Bergmeister engineers

Façade planning
KUB – engineers

Autonomous Province of Bolzano

Oliver Jaist

Year of completion

Construction time
8 months

San Giovanni / Valle Aurina (Bz), Italy
3,026m above the sea level

Usable Floor area
510 m2

2,070 m3

Maximum number of guests
50 beds

Project Partners

Burgerbau, Oberlechner & Messner, HOKU, Aschbacher Dietmar, Zingerle Bonifaz, Schraffl, Art Design, Lukas Kargruber, Mutschlechner & Rienzner, Mair Gert, Brugger Anton & Co. OHG, Karl Winkler, Moosmair, Dachservice Seyr, Air Service Center, Progress, Karl Pichler, Mayr-Meinhof Holz Holding AG, Homatherm, Rockwool, Niederbacher, Hotex, Hansa, Zucchetti, Villeroy & Boch, Keramag, Bega, Berker, Zucchetti, Velux Italia, Rubner, Auroport

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