Rigot Collective Dwelling Centre, Geneve

The project, located in Geneva, next to the United Nations, was impulsed by an urgent and temporary measure aiming at accommodating 370 migrants. The building, made of Swiss wood, is bound to be relocated within ten years and the site returned to its original state. Through the very essence of its refugee sheltering program, the project provides an answer to the current social challenges, anticipating the evolving demand of emergency housing, with adaptative apartments typologies.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Building with wooden foundations, modular and reversibility.


acau architecture sa; Antoine Dellenbach, Darius Golchan, Enric Rovira, Liliana Teixeira

Main contractor for wood construction
JPF Ducret

Hospice Général, service immobilier

Year of completion

Genève, Switzerland

Total area
7.070 m2

Site area
5.983 m2

Enric Rovira, Marcel Kultscher

Project Partners

Charpente Concept SA

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