Rami is a large pendant lamp in mouth-blown glass.

Rami is taking the excellent craft of mouth-blown Murano glass into the 21st century, combining it with modern LED technology.

It is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional, luxury chandelier, where the sparkling crystals are replaced by LED light sources, and the ‘cascade’ shape is replaced by thin, transparent ‘tree branches’ holding the light sources in an organic, rich, original pattern.

In this modern interpretation, Rami retains the most important character of old aristocratic chandeliers: a large sparkling ‘cloud’ enriched by refractions and reflections of light, able to give character to large, formal dining rooms or hotel lobbies.






About the producer:


Since 1975 Italamp has built its brand awareness and reputation in the decorative lighting market, standing out for their products’ quality and particular shapes. The company always aims for elegance and preciousness thanks to selective, finely crafted materials.


About the design studio:

Koz Susani Design offering spans from product design to interiors to interaction design, from crafts to hi-tech products, always focusing on hi-quality design that embraces vision and innovation while preserving human, emotional qualities.

Among our recent projects are a vision for the future of urban transportation, a series of electric vehicle charging stations, branding and packaging for water and soft drinks, an app to integrate social networking with TV content, and concepts of connected kitchen appliances that help manage nutrition and wellness.

We integrate design aspects in contrast: we harmonize crafts and hi-tech, digital and physical experiences, global aesthetics with local cultural signatures, the character of a product with a brand language.

We start exploring the use of a product or a service, the aesthetics of a culture, an era, or a brand, then we develop our designs as complete experiences.

We use our design vision as an innovation strategy to explore and define new product and service spaces, often as an embodiment of a corporate vision and a brand.

We are based in the USA working for international clients, but we are rooted in our Italian and Turkish design culture.




Designer: Defne Koz, Marco Susani, Ufuk Demirturk, Emily Litten, Koz Susani Design (USA)
Producer: ITALAMP
Country: Italy
Year of production: 2019


Text provided by the authors of the project.