Raketa Studio is managed by a female and a male architect who are partners in their private as well as professional life, therefore they pay attention to a proper balance – a balance between an interior and exterior, between old and new, private and public, functional and poetic …

They are well aware of the fact that their interventions may leave ever-lasting marks in a certain space, so they carry out new interventions with a great deal of responsibility, and when interfering with the existing, they respect the context they encroach upon. If there is no quality, they try to create it.

The spaces they design are enriched by means of various innovative methods and materials, new as well as the ones that have already been tested, and they pay a great deal of attention to every single detail.

Interior projects:
Cubo Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Gredič Castle, Cubo restaurant, Plato restaurant, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Skin clinic and many others.