Suitable bathroom ceramics have the power to transform a bathroom into a room full of style and beauty. The Geberit Group, the leader in the field of sanitary products, has repeatedly set new standards for bathroom, sanitary ceramics, and technology. The motto “Know-How Installed” stands for the company’s business philosophy: users can always rely on proven solutions from a company that can look back on long tradition of quality, innovation, and reliability. With the acquisition of the renowned Sanitec concern, which also has a very long tradition in the field of sanitary ceramics, Geberit has supplemented its product range and rounded it off to a complete package of combined systems for behind and in front of the wall installation, with a wide range of options to choose from. High-quality materials and reliable technology, complemented by perfectly designed bathroom ceramics and furniture, make these products the right choice.

Bathroom ceramics that offers endless possibilities for individual bathroom design

Geberit products are responsibly manufactured from high-quality, sustainable materials and offer the perfect balance between elegant design and functionality. It is precisely these well thought-out and inconspicuous elegant transitions between ceramic and furniture elements that make it possible to adapt the bathroom to any style and requirement with sensible and perfect design. Elegant surfaces, clear shapes and modular elements that combine aesthetically and functionally with bathroom ceramics transform the bathroom into a harmonious and sophisticated living space. The bathroom series from Geberit offer endless possibilities for individual bathroom design: Geberit ONE, Citterio, Xeno2, myDay, Acanto, iCon, VariForm, Smyle, Selnova and Selnova Square.

With its comprehensive range, Geberit is a good choice for every bathroom, offering a combination of systems for behind and in front of the wall that are fully compatible and easy to install and maintain. This is also the reason why Geberit is constantly expanding its position as an innovation leader in the field of sanitary ceramics and modern bathrooms at home and abroad.

Geberit Selnova – Solutions for various installation situations

Geberit Citterio – Simple Italian design with exclusive elegance

Geberit Acanto – Bathroom series with clear lines and individual details

Geberit VariForm – For stylishly designed washbasins with storage cabinets


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