Q&C Nano is a new-gen water dispenser. Nano uses the most advanced and efficient heater technology. It can save huge amount of energy while heat water for a tea or a soup. Nano can highly reduce environmental impact of the plastic bottles. Also reduce the drinking water cost for most of the families and offices. An exceptionally energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, compact smart water dispenser for those who want to enjoy crystal-clear water.











The Nano water dispenser’s innovative design radically reduces both household energy consumption and the environmental burden of plastic water bottles.

Q&C Watercoolers has applied decades of experience supplying drinking water solutions to reducing the environmental impact of domestic drinking water. The Nano water dispenser reduces household energy consumption through its innovative approaches to heating and cooling drinking water. Households can dramatically curtail their use of disposable plastic bottles by making Nano part of their life. A limited number of early backers will receive the first Nano’s off Q&C’s production line for as little as around $370.

The Nano water dispenser uses an advanced flow-through heating system that instantly heats filtered water to the desired temperature. Without the need for storage tanks or preheating, the Nano approaches 98% energy efficiency. That makes the Nano 30% more energy efficient than an electric kettle and 46% more efficient than a microwave oven, meanwhile the heating time is 2-6X faster.

“If we hope to limit, or reverse, the effects of climate change,” explained Q&C Watercoolers CEO Marton Szabo, “we must all make individual choices that reduce our carbon footprint. The Nano water dispenser can play its own small role in families’ efforts to save our environment.”

The Nano’s cooling system uses an adaptive algorithm to further reduce energy consumption by learning your household’s water use patterns. Keeping water cool during the weekday when everyone is at work or at school only wastes electricity.


Nano times its cooling activity to ensure that you have cold water when you actually need it.

“Nano’s smartphone apps will make managing household energy and water consumption that much easier,” Marton Szabo added. “Checking filter status, temperature levels, and even setting child locks from your Android or iOS device takes away the uncertainty and inconvenience of maintaining a household water dispenser.”

Q&C Watercoolers chose to launch its Indiegogo campaign as it enters the final stages of development and prepares for mass production. Design and prototyping is complete. Manufacturing equipment is arriving at Q&C Watercoolers’ 1,000 meter2 factory and distribution center. The Nano water dispenser Indiegogo campaign will launch end of 2017. with deliveries of the first Nanos to backers anticipated in middle of 2018. Click here to visit the campaign site and see videos of the Nano water dispenser in action.


About the designer:

World Water Day is a yearly reminder of the precious resource we take for granted. My name is Márton Szabó, and I’ve been working in the water industry since 2008. I’m writing to share my story—our story.
The global reliance on plastic water bottles contributes heavily to the plastic waste in our freshwaters and oceans—and it’s by no means sustainable. Current research suggests that there is over 150 million tons of plastic in our oceans. And by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish by weight. That’s a very grim future.
The best solution to this problem is a high-tech water purifier that eliminates the need for bottled water—a device that appeals to our generation’s spirit of innovation and convenience. Richard Branson from Virgin Pure already launched his water dispenser line around one or two years ago. And I suppose Elon Musk will be next? Perhaps, but only after us! I was only 19 when I started my company. Over the past 10 years, I’ve built industrial-sized water treatment systems; managed a mineral water brand; developed my own sparkling water system; and took apart hundreds of different water filtration systems, softeners, and coolers just to see how they work and how they can be improved.


Designer: Márton Szabó, Q&C MAGYARORSZÁG KFT.
Country: Hungary
Year of production: 2019/2020

Text provided by the authors of the project.