Etex BP is global company with brands Promat and Siniat. Promat is system solution supplier for passive fire protection in buildings for areas of fire stopping, ducts, steel or wood constructions, walls and ceilings, chimneys, concrete protection and fire glass. Siniat is supplier of materials for drywall constructions, gypsum and cement based boards, fillers and installation accessories.

Gym center Ljubljana, steel construction fire protection with paint coating Promapaint SC-4 Nordic center Planica, glass walkable platform with fire rating system Promaglas Švicarija- Tivoli Ljubljana, protection od historic steel contruction with calcium silicate boards Promatect.

Presentaiton of the products:
Promat offers solution Promat Systemglas F-1, fire glass wall, without joining profiles, which enables monolithic outlook and various possibilities of accents and surroundings reflections. Direct contact glass on glass gives very narrow joint, which can be filled with sealant or covered with thin decorative lath. Direct joint is also possible for corners. Fire protection rating is from EI30 to EI120. Joints with surrounding elements can be done with commercial profiles or as hidden installation, which additionally emphasizes glass effect, which rise directly from wall or ceiling.

Why should architects be informed about it?
Solution Promat Sytemglas, inner fire rated glass wall, offers architects more freedom in creating of building, opens transparency of inner space and add value in user experience of the building. Flat planes do not disturb homogeneity of surrounding surfaces, fire protection is no longer problem.
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Product category: Gradbeni materiali in konstrukcije
Company: Promat d.o.o.
Name and last name: Srečo Klemenčič
Function: Vodja prodaje Slovenija/Sales Manager Slovenia
GSM: +386 51 600 708