The brand "Tochu-De" is, above all, the connection between Karelle and Loïc. United in life through marriage and since 2015 by their professional project, they create objects that combine new technologies and craftsmanship, with the concept of merging design and poetry while respecting today's ecological challenges!

Naturally, they turned towards 3D printing, specifically to this new technological achievement represented by selective laser sintering process using nylon powder to bring their dreams to life and give birth to new creations! In fact, 3D printing offers great freedom of expression, allowing for the creation of highly complex objects that are impossible to obtain through traditional craftsmanship methods. It also allows for responsible and local production while using a bio-sourced material such as castor oil-based nylon powder. The entire manufacturing process is, of course, waste-free thanks to the material addition and recycling process!

As with all projects, it starts with a blank sheet, followed closely by Loïc's initial sketches. Then comes a brainstorming session between Karelle and Loïc. Around the computer, Loïc's 3D-modeled prototype is analyzed to make the model more ergonomic, durable, expressive, and poetic. Finally, after many constructive exchanges, the project goes to a local printer for production, and upon receipt, Karelle moves on to the artisanal phase where she hand-paints each creation. With every brushstroke, unique contrasts and distinctive colors emerge, giving birth to the poetic design of "Tochu-De"!

In summary, Karelle and Loïc's motto is rooted in a sustainable, affordable, and unique poetic design that highlights digital technologies while preserving the expressiveness of the artisan's craft. In fact, it's from this concept that the name "Tochu-De" was born, which literally means "halfway" in Japanese.

Halfway between Karelle and Loïc.
Halfway between craftsmanship and digital technology.
Halfway between design and poetry.


City of Chartres, France




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