The company PILON provides IT support for architectural design and Building Information Modelling (BIM) to connect with other engineering disciplines. The solutions we market enable us to optimise the energy requirements and carbon footprint of the architectural project already at the conceptual stage, when this is the most important and sensible. Our experience enables us to analyse, prepare solutions and educate in the fields of architectural design, transition to BIM, engineering simulations, schedule preparation and visualisation. Unique presentation possibilities make it easier to get new projects and less problems in their realisation.

The ARCHICAD® software facilitate this for more than 30 years and set the standards in the field of architectural design. The program does not limit your creativity, while maximizing productivity when creating documentation. A strong awareness of the need for sustainable construction led to the integration of the Energy Evaluation tool to assess the energy needs of the building inside the program. The ability to create a variety of interactive presentations for communication with an investor or contractors at a construction site is crucial for understanding the project and obtaining the contract. For the eighth consecutive year, it has been recognized as the best BIM tool for architectural design. These and many other ARCHICAD® functionalities have been recognized by users who have been selected it for the eighth consecutive year as the best BIM architectural design program. Rewarded bureaus such as BIG- Bjarke Ingels Group, Orcutt | Winslow, Fernandes Arquitetos, 3LHD and Slovene like Elea iC, Superform, Scapelab, Sono, Plan B, Styria, Sadar & Vuga, Unit, Office and many others had already recognized that.

Photo 1: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj / 3LHD
Photo 2: Riyadh residence, / Atelje S
Photo 3: Kataloghytta Sno / Norgeshus
Photo 4: Typhoon Vision/ Superform
Photo 5: University Library Freiburg, Germany DEGELO ARCHITEKTEN

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