Mimaristudio was established in 2006 by Onder KUL and Ayca AKKAYA KUL, with the accumulation of experience gained in various prominent architecture firms since 1995.
Önder Kul, graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, School of Architecture in 1997, then completed his Masters Degree from Yıldız Technical University, Institute of Science, Department of Architecture, Building Construction.
Ayça AKKAYA KUL, graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, School of Architecture in 2000, then completed her masters Degree from İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science, Industurial Design.
Mimaristudio‘s main objective is to provide a unique, innovative, contemporary and high end services in the fields of architecture, interior design and industrial design for each Employer. During the design and onsite work processes, mimaristudio works with professional consultants and sub-contractors as a big team, providing architectural and interior design, construction administration services along with structural, mechanical, electrical, civil engineering services, acoustical, landscape and graphic design, project management administration, conceptual and furniture design.
Each project has an independent confidentiality and importance with Mimaristudio‘s professional ethic and integrity inhouse rules. It is a commitment for each project under its existance and its guaranty. The Employers’s all nonpublic information is officially under the quaranty of the NDAs signed. It is always important to have relations with customers, subcontractors and suppliers honestly and with respect. Mimaristudio does not engage in unfair, deceptive or misleading practices and always behave in an honest and forthright manner. As a result of this approach, Mimaristudio has an habitude of working with the Employers for years.

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