MIKSER is a multidisciplinary, multicultural platform that aims to affirm the cultural industry of the region. MIKSER organisation is a network of professionals and enthusiasts involved in production of various trans-cultural projects such as exhibitions, competitions, lectures, debates, performances, dedicated to development of creative economy in the Balkans.
Providing practical platform for interaction between designers, architects, artists, manufactures, companies, independent organizations, governmental institutions and media, Mikser organization initiated and manages its own signature festival for creative businesses simply called MIKSER FESTIVAL. For only two years Mikser festival established itself as the biggest regional festival of creativity and innovation with strong emphasis on multidisciplinary and multicultural approach.

Mikser Festival takes place in the last week of May, discovering and activating amazing to-be-repurposed industrial locations around the city of Belgrade. In 2011 MISKER Festival featured more than 1500 artists, attracted 60.000 visitors from entire region and drew attention of international media

Belgrade, Serbia


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+381 11 2626068


Mikser Festival

Mikser Festival is an annual cultural event promoting innovative, sustainable and socially engaged ideas in design, architecture, urban planning, new technologies, art, music, and communications. It was founded
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