Matea Benedetti

Matea Benedetti

She designs, respecting the concept of sustainability throughout the creative process, using only organic materials that do believes in a healthier, more socially responsible and environment-friendly world with respect to nature and all forms of creation. They focus on devising natural, high-quality fashion not contain any residues from artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or growth-enhancing substances and harmful chemicals.
She supports businesses that build local economies and fair trade products that respect workers’ conditions. Clothes include authentic graphic design patterns and concepts based on the extinction of animal and plant species.
“The fashion industry is itself a sad story. On one side they sell “good looks” for a low price, but on the other side, they represent one of the most polluting industries in the world. That is why fashion companies don’t want consumers to see what exactly they are buying”. – Matea Benedetti

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Ljubljana, Slovenia


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