Every beginning is hard, but only the right vision can take us high on the path of development. Our vision is home and the possibility for every person to create their home, their sanctuary, wherever, whenever…
The production of furniture, production of our dream we started way back in 1956, modestly and lacking experience, but willing to handle difficult challenges, willing to learn from our own mistakes. It was our determination that led us to transform from a carpenter’s workshop to a recognisable manufacturer of kitchen and veneered furniture in the first five years of our existence. On 1962 we joined in with another carpentry company and made our programme far more diversified.
Our factory we built as a home, always caring for our workers carefully, caring for the quality of their lives and the lives of their children. Yes, the idea of a home is present from the very beginnings… we want to create home – in our company, in your house. New challenges of the 21st century empowered our vision even more. Therefore, we continue with a new name Hejmo (Esperanto for home), to make our vision – just like the idea of Esperanto – a common language of understanding.


Bosnia and Herzegovina


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