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Direct4me d.o.o.

In our digital age, e-commerce has transformed how we shop. However, the convenience of online retail has brought challenges, particularly in the last-mile delivery. Traditional delivery methods, including parcel shops, simply do not work anymore. Each courier must be more efficient, but not at the expense of an extensive workload. At the forefront of this (r)evolution is the concept of unattended delivery, which holds the key to raising operational efficiency, meeting customer demands for convenience, and environmental requirements. The market dynamics have given rise to new business models that prioritize parcel consolidation and unattended delivery. firmly believes that the future lies in the establishment of high-density parcel locker networks, which can be either courier-agnostic or operated by a single company consolidating parcels from multiple providers. To meet evolving customer needs, a combination of residential and private lockers alongside traditional parcel lockers enables a convergence of Out-Of-Home (OOH) and home delivery services—unattended. is leading the charge in redefining last-mile parcel management with its complete parcel handover solution consisting of parcel lockers (MultiSpaces) and private home parcel boxes (D-Spaces) powered by a complete software ecosystem supporting. Lockers are remarkably simple, thanks to their battery-operated design. Setting up a new parcel locker takes mere minutes, requiring no additional terrain preparation or wiring. Furthermore, operating costs associated with our parcel network are significantly lower compared to traditional locker systems. Our software ecosystem empowers businesses to efficiently operate, manage, and control their parcel locker system across various use cases. encompasses all essential services related to parcel delivery and pickup, including returns and support for Cash-on-Delivery shipments. Recipients have the freedom to retrieve their parcels themselves or authorize someone else to collect them on their behalf. Our home parcel spaces offer even greater flexibility, allowing private lockers to be shared among relatives or friends, facilitating secure exchanges of goods. The versatility of lockers extends beyond logistics, making them an ideal solution also for click-and-collect services and other applications, such as library material exchanges.


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