Portgate Tower

“Portgate” is a striking commercial building that redefines architectural norms, designed to stand as a landmark at the town’s core. Serving as the premier structure welcoming harbor visitors, it symbolizes the city’s gateway, drawing inspiration from the sea and its waves. Its fluid shapes and spacious balconies offer uninterrupted views of the sea, while the rear side features an airy undulating pattern, evoking the movement of the Mediterranean sea.

Adorned with large glass panels on all sides, the building welcomes natural light and scenic vistas into the workplace. Extensive landscaped areas, including a private vertical garden, seamlessly integrate nature into its design. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities catering to employee well-being, Portgate ensures a conducive and enjoyable work environment. It epitomizes modernity, fostering productivity, creativity, and well-being for all.


CSS & Associates


Year of completion

Limassol, Cyprus

Total area
12.500 m2

Site area
5.500 m2

Adonis Philippides, Contenthub

Project Partners

Contractor: ID Construction Ltd
Electrical subcontractor: YTM Stavrides
Mechanical subcontractor: EMA Mechanical Contractors Ltd
Subcontractor: Antoniou Christakis Ltd
Sanitary & ceramics: P. David

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