Poddie phone booth

Our Poddie phone booth is a space-efficient acoustic booth that offers privacy in offices. The phone booth is sound proof thanks to a specially constructed ventilation system and multi-layer wall construction. We like to say: A Poddie is a full-fledged work place, equipped with efficient ventilation, optimized lighting for video calls and power sockets. Our start-up product philosophy is to produce a phone booth that has all the essential functions (e.g. moving kit-you can roll your Poddie through the office) and that becomes a welcome part of the daily routine. We manufacture a minimalistic product with a stylish design that radiates character even with out expensive extras. We produce our phone booth our selves and sell it directly to the end customer. And this concept has paid off: Poddie is the most affordable phone booth in all of Europe and is in great demand. We love our product and are currently working on a meeting booth for four people and a bigger work booth for one person.


Tim Petzold, Poland

Tim Petzold, Poland

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Irene Aksenova

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