PLUSminus lamp moves in mysterious ways, like no other lamp does. Its position is adjusted only by a soft finger’s touch, all thanks to the unique moving mechanism, a not yet seen engineering gem.



As soon as the user stops applying the pressure, the lamp locks in instantly, giving the impression of levitation. The lamp’s innovative yet extremely simple mechanism offers user a complete freedom of adjusting it into the desired position. It slides horizontally and vertically, and it rotates around two axes.



Thanks to its feather-light minimalistic design and thin profiles, the lamp is very unobtrusive and almost invisible. A LED board attached to the aluminium tube acting like a heat sink is used as a light source. The lamp does not use springs, weights or any other conventional methods common in modern day task lamps. Materials: aluminium, steel, stone.




Design: Matej Štefanac
Country of designer: Slovenia
Year of production: 2018