Pisarne RA

The design of the workspaces was dictated by the company’s business practice, which is committed to creating cutting-edge solutions in the new product development department. The management expressed the desire to create an inspiring and functional workspace where employees can easily share and implement knowledge and ideas. The physical working environment is a key tool to foster innovation and company development. In collaboration with the client, the studio developed a new vision for the workplace. The result is a variety of workspaces, including individual and open offices, a meeting room for larger meetings, and formal gatherings. The spaces are designed with a touch of industrial design with accents of color. With an energetic yellow color, the spaces encourage an innovative approach to work and creativity, providing an inspiring and positive working environment for the development of new ideas. The open-plan common area with kitchenette acts as an informal space for brainstorming and socializing, further encouraging creativity and facilitating collaboration between all employees. The blue-colored workspaces and meeting room provide a calm environment where employees can gather their thoughts, have meaningful conversations, and focus on their work. The creative working environment makes employees feel comfortable and motivated at work and encourages them to achieve their goals and put innovative ideas into practice as easily as possible.



Year of completion

Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Total area
250 m2

Vida Dimovska; VILINIE

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