Piraeus Port Plaza II, Athens

Agios Dionysios, the historical industrial area of Piraeus (its urban plan is dated in 1870), is a puzzle of buildings that certifies the historical route. In the building block of Lithographio, the neoclassical building was renovated, the old industrial building, a sample of the 1960 Modernism was remodeled and reimagined, and a new, contemporary building was constructed around the inner square which is their unifying element. The neoclassical building was returned to its original form and was highlighted. In the modernist building from the ’60s, the horizontal slabs were emphasized together with the grid of the facade which was emphasized by the use of vertical louvers. In the contemporary building, the architectural journey was completed with the incorporation of elements of the previous ones, in a modern version. The inner square was created in order to provide to the urban block an internal open space of relaxation and at the same time a place of connection, functional and aesthetic, of the historical route.



Dimand S.A.

Year of completion

Athens, Greece

Total area
24.200 m2

Nikos Daniilidis

Project Partners

LDK, P. Panagiotopoulos & Associates, Ballian Techniki, KN Group_Design that works

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