Pierluigi Percoco, Alessia Bettazzi

Bettazzi + Percoco Architetti, Italy

Bettazzi + Percoco Architetti is a boutique architectural practice, established in 2010, with branches situated in Prato and Altamura, that actively works on projects of architecture, interiors and design nationwide and internationally. The projects are developed with a specific strategy that focuses the research on the person with their own needs. At the beginning of any concept design there is a sociological analysis that outlines the development and new trends of the society, to avoid that the architecture will become alien to the context and to ensure that the products will be able to respond at the needs of the users. The result of this strategy leads to a strong project, which aims to improve relations with the user through innovation on and reinterpretation on of customs and traditions, capturing the emotions linked to memories and feelings.

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