Petr Novague founded Novague Design Studio in 2008 in order to develop functional and user-friendly products with exceptional aesthetics for his clients. This studio succeeded in establishing itself in the highly competitive world of design. His work provides his clients with unique solutions in many design categories, from corporate identity to technically demanding engineering. The world we see is chock-full of useless things. We find it chaotic and confusing. The world of design is also reflected in this image of reality. Our objective is to bring siplicity to this environment.

Brdy, western Bohemia. The place of origin and a place were the two founders were born. Counting about ten people, UBRD team is just at the starting line. Creating what may seem simple can be achieved in various ways, but our way is not simple – we want to be the best, not just in our county, in western Bohemia, in the Czech Republic or in Europe. We want to be the the best in the world and put all our effort in it. Our work seems to start dragging some attention and we will not sleep on it. We want to bring you only the best products for your kitchen and develop its variety in the future.We do not want to create one hundred average pieces instead of a superb one. We create products that bring a piece of nature in your kitchen and the true cooking experience. Every piece of wood is original. That is why we treat it individually, same as our customers. Whenever you grab our products you experience the true sensation of wood. You will admire both the simplicity and raw nature of wood as well as its flawless treatment.

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